Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bathrooms on the island.

Yes, this is paradise, beautiful beaches, awesome snorkeling, colorful people, but if you're a worm with a spastic colon or just a regular person caught around town with a need to go... public bathrooms are an issue. For the most part there is no hot water in public bathrooms and they are almost always filthy.... even for a guy called worm. The worst bathrooms on this island are ... K*C even the dining area reeks of urine. Sub*** offered it's customers brown paper towels for two weeks in a row, instead of toilet paper. McDo****'s gives you a 50/50 shot at having tp, if there is none... they only have blow driers so you're uh...  out of luck!! The Marina has bat feces and bugs littering toilets and sinks, their marina live aboards are given a cold shower in a mildewed stall that hasn't been cleaned in years. The guys have a garden hose to shower under and a disgusting urinal that hasn't worked in years. The award for worst public bathroom is the bathroom in town by an old

restaurant. No running water, No electricity, No toilet seat.. toilet's full of poop and stuff because it doesn't flush, unmentionable things cover the walls and floor. I know it's not meant to be used but it's often left unlocked and people go in there (you know who you are)
      The best public bathroom goes to the hardware store. I know Worm often goes out of his way to enjoy their fine facilities. His ultimate favorite pit stop is a prominent business downtown where the upstairs bathroom offers magazines and clean surroundings, where a worm can defecate in peace for hours at a time....

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