Thursday, May 30, 2013

Marina poop

  We were surprised when we first got to the Marina that there is no place to pump waste. Turns out most of the marinas here have no place to get rid of waste. Most of those boats on docks and and on hooks are dumping their waste directly into the water. (helpful Tip #1: it's not cool to splash each other when getting into kayaks) This explains the stink on windless days as we walked toward the restaurant.....We asked the liveaboards how they deal with the situation, most simply shrugged. One guy told us he dumps urine but poops in a zip lock bag.... Many a night has passed when Worm, Rash and I contemplated just how this guy managed to accomplish this, given the size of his butt and the relatively small size of even a gallon sized zip lock bag... Rash recently installed a toilet in his boat ....with clear pipes. He told me it's quite entertaining watching his poop move through the tubing. Sometimes he'd leave it suspended or whoosh it quickly through.... don't judge sometimes the nights are long and most of us have no TV!

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