Thursday, May 30, 2013


Storm is cooking bacon on the grill...
Worm: "I would kill people for bacon... not YOU people - other people."
            "I love bacon."
 He keeps eying the bacon, salivating, until he can no longer stand it. Like a little kid he swipes a piece  and stuffs it into his mouth. Screaming like a girl as he gobbles it up "It hurts! So good! Hot... hot ... hot!!! Oh! God! So good!! Oh! Ummm! Ouch! Oh! God! So GOOD!!!" (That's a direct quote)
Worm: "I think people would taste like bacon if they were cut thin and fried."
            "Lady GaGa should have worn a bacon dress instead of a meat dress - way sexier."
            "I'd love to do a girl in a bacon dress."
            "Everything tastes better on a grill - EVERYTHING!"

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