Thursday, May 30, 2013

Showering at the marina

It's mid morning at the Marina, the sky on this crisp fall day is a crystal blue and the turquoise water gently laps against a mastless boat which is the habitat of a bilateral invertebrate annelid otherwise known as "Worm" We are currently camped out expectantly awaiting his arrival because today is the day we are hoping to catch the bilateral invertebrate as he conducts his weekly hygiene regimen. It is a very rare occurrence, which is why it is so highly anticipated. Finally, after hours of waiting, we notice movement, timid at first, then with a bang, the hatch opens and Worm, still inebriated from the night before, crawls out. With ruffled hair, red rimmed eyes and drooping shoulders, he slowly makes his way to the garden hose. We lean forward intrigued, as he roots around in the grass for some dirty bit of bar soap left behind weeks ago. Finally, he spies a piece and with hose in hand, he begins to lather up. Note the distinctive way the Worm rubs first his crotch then his butt, using a rough up and down scowering method. Followed by using the same soap to wash his hair and then the shorts he is currently wearing. He seems to be less effective in cleaning the shorts, as he has grown bored and distracted, he has after all the attention span of a worm... he gives himself a quick rinse off and with a dog like shake, a smiling worm saunters off ... ready to start his day.

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