Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I always see this guy sitting in the same spot, day after day. When anyone walks by him, he calls to them; “Donations!” “Sponsor!” We always give him a few dollars as we pass by. The last time I heard him say, in his strange garbled way “De moon goddess, she returns.”  I stopped and looked at him.
“What does that mean?”
He looked down at his hands for a moment.
"Ah eat wid de debil bu' ah watch 'e, I knows wha she lookin fo, I knows she finds it by dem tie pool.”
     Then he hobbled up onto his crutches and hopped away.  I couldn't figure out the first part but the last part was pretty clear. “She finds it by dem tie pool” I remembered Rash and Worm spoke of some tide pools on the island when we went out together last time but they said it was a huge hike to get to them.I'm going to try to hike out soon...

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