Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shopping on the Island

As we drove Worm pointed out a few of his favorite cars. Many of the locals love putting sayings on their cars. The writing often went across the top part of their windshield. One would say “Sexy mama” while another had a verse from the bible. A lot of them were really funny. Worm’s favorites were, “Nothin to prove to dem haterz.” and “obsessed for perfectin.” He pulled up to a store called “de mix” I walked in and stood there, slightly confused. On the walls were hung a pack of batteries in a container that had yellowed with age, a pair of used pliers and a Barbie, also used. In the middle of the room were some shelves, which contained; two DVDs, a picture frame, a box of hair color, a Spiderman action figure and an old romance book. Behind the cash register sat a toothless, smiling, old man. I turned to look at Worm, hoping he wouldn’t say something mean. Instead he smiled a great big smile, picked up the action figure and proclaimed, loudly, “Just what I was looking for!”
He paid fifty cents for it and we hopped back in his car.
“I love that place, it always has just what I need.” he exclaimed joyfully. 
Shopping in St. Croix is a unique experience, one place has a note on the door that said, "I'm an alcoholic sitting at the Shooters bar next door, if you need something you can find me there." The frame up gives advice on when they are there and what to do if they are being robbed.  Many of the stores say they will be open during certain hours but due to "Island Time" it's a crap shoot as to whether or not they really will be there during those times. I wouldn't change a thing about all these eccentricities... it's what makes this island unique and beautiful.


  1. I never laugh so hard with the store sign is priceless.

  2. That notice on the door at The Frame Up used to crack me up every time I went in there. Thanks for reminding me.